Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nip Picking a'la Snerts: The Dark Knight Rises

I finally found something that sparked the writing urge. I love nit picking movies--even the ones I really enjoy. There's always one or two things to rip on, and certain websites like How It Should Have Ended put a lot more production work into their critiques. I, however, will just list out some of my observations. An update may or may not follow after subsequent viewings. Please be aware that spoilers lie ahead.

First up is the third Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises. Overall I enjoyed the movie, but I must admit that The Dark Knight was a far superior product. Here is my list of what the fuck moments in no particular order. 

  • Bruce Wayne has his back broken by Bane, just like in the comic series. Yet unlike the comics he recovers with a piece of rope in a foreign prison. 

  • The police underground seemed really clean, and fit for duty, despite being locked up for an extended period of time.

  • The police charge an entrenched enemy position with inferior weaponry, and suffer relatively minor losses. It should have been a blood bath considering Banes men had fully automatic weapons and the fancy high tech vehicles. 

  • Catwoman is a horrible thief who seems to always get caught.

  • Catwoman and Batman have a very forced romantic relationship. 

  • When Batman firsts fights Bane he doesn't use any gadgets at all. So not Batman!

  • Why couldn't Bane be of Latino origin? Instead we get a muzzled Sean Connery. 

  • Gotham was a very bright city compared to previous films in the series. 

  • Oh gee wow. Robin is introduced. Is he staring in the next three films?

  • The stadium collapsing scene consisted of poor special effects.

  • Bane tells the people to rise up against the government, but traps them within the city with a bomb. Then he releases prisoners and arms them. People are seen looting the rich, and there are many Occupy Wall Street like messages. I much prefer the chaos vs. order theme from the second film over the proletariat vs. bourgeois ideals expressed in the third.

  • Finally the whole movie was building up on so many points then failed to deliver in the second half. Vague I know, but I can't forget how many times my eyes rolled during the home stretch. 
Well there you have it. Snerts gets nit picky with the latest Batman movie. Who knows maybe after additional viewings I'll grow to like it more?

The next post of this nature will most likely be The Avengers, which was released this week on dvd. 

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