Wednesday, February 29, 2012


To my faithful readers!

Do not fret. Eventually I'll start writing again for both my blogs. Life has been rather busy--moving, work, nightlife--leaving little time to devote to videogames. I do, however, have a few things on the writing "To Do" list.

For Videogames a'la Snerts, I am thinking about incorporating other entertainment based interests. I'm a huge Simpsons fan, and I do watch the occasional movie so don't be surprised to see posts along these lines. In general this blogs content will remain light and nerd-centric. The heavier topics will be found on my other blog.

The reason for this change stems from my personal goal to spend less on videogames each year. I haven't had Gamefly since November 2011, and I'm not about to start buying every new release like I did during college. This doesn't mean I'm abandoning the hobby. Just scaling it back. Expect to see posts about the DLC content for Batman, MW3, and Deadspace 2. I will also continue to write about trends in the industry.

Past to Present a'la Snerts will continue to feature more thought provoking content. Topics will range from the Arab Spring to energy development and local politics. This, however, may change has time passes. In general the goal is to write more on the topics that really make me think and are grounded a bit more in reality than the entertainment business.

There you have it. My excuse for avoiding writing, and some goals for 2012. As always any feedback is welcomed. The semi-great Snerts has opinions about everything. Send an email with topic suggestions if you so desire.

Stay awesome everyone!


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