Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Short Trip Through the Dark Side

Game: Force Unleashed II

System: Everything

Release: October 2010

Force Unleashed provided hours of entertainment as the quintessential ass kicking Jedi video game. Players took on the role of Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice, and experienced a well executed Star Wars adventure. Such success is bound to bring a sequel, and unfortunately it failed to deliver.

My first gripe with Force Unleashed II is the length. The main character visits three planets, and only fights on two of them. Dagobah is a drawn out cut scene with some rock moving for power ups. Kamino is used twice, and is arguably the most fun. There is a decent space ship level, and Starkiller visits a barbaric planet that is obsessed with a gladiator arena. A stage that felt like a God of War clone. There are two bosses and six levels in all that took me six hours to complete.

Next up on the shit list is the story. None of the characters were new with the exception of a disgruntle baron. The plot itself is boring. Vader clones Starkiller, and tries to make an army of Jedi clones. Big whoop. The writers also tell the origins of the Rebel Alliance by making Juno a key leader. Of course Clonekiller is still in love so he does all sorts of stupid things to be with her again. All the while he's questioning if his existence even matters because he's a clone. Is he a puppet of the Dark Lord, or will he find true love? The first game had you hunting down old Jedi for Vader following the creation of the Empire. There was murder, betrayal, and love. Much more entertaining then the hog wash of a sequel.

Last but not least is gameplay. Actually, I got nothing really bad to say here. There are a few new Jedi powers. The most fun being Mind Trick. Enemies will either commit suicide by jumping off ledges, or fight their allies to the death. The targeting system is better, and the presentation is top notch. Lightsabers finally dismember and decapitate. The music is still John Williams, and there is still plenty of environmental interaction. All of this makes the game fun, and worth experiencing.

Force Unleashed II has tons of awesome little things. The joy of using force grip on a storm trooper and hurling him through the air is magnificent. Taking down larger then life creatures is always fun, and there is even a bit of Boba Fett for the fans. If only the game had some new characters, a better story, and another six levels. Then it may have even been worth the full price of admission. Snerts Snazzy Score gives this title a solid Gamefly. Rent, play, and move on to the next title in your que.

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