Friday, November 12, 2010

New Rating System

I'm feed up with numbers. Let's be honest. Snerts Snazzy Score does nothing to inform the reader if the game is worth purchasing. The remedy? A new rating system with words and definitions. Behold the new Snazzy Snerts System!

Full Price!--A game is so awesome it is worth the release day price (currently $60 American).

On Sale!--Only purchase this game if it is on sale. Games are usually pretty awesome but lack the same level of polish as the Full Price! tittles. You could rent the game, but it always makes you sad when you have to return it.

Gamefly!--Rent it. Play it. Forget about it.

Gutter Games!--If you happen to find it in the gutter, then clean it up and give it a playthrough. Do not waste too much valuable time playing with garbage. 

There it is folks! Enjoy!

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