Monday, April 19, 2010

Who You Gonna Call?

Game: Ghostbusters (Single Player)

System: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Release: June 2009

Ghostbusters the game could have easily been the third movie. The original cast shows up for another slime filled adventure through New York City. Players take on the role of silent rookie who gets to test all the new experimental equipment. The story is your typical Ghostbusters tale. Ghosts appear. Jokes are made. Gadgets are used. Government agencies get pissy. Ghostbusters are called to save the day. The designers did a great job of capturing the essences of the movie and incorporating it throughout the game. The games presentation matches the writing and voice acting. The graphics are very smooth with plenty of lighting, damage, and ghost effects. The HUD is primarily on the proton backpack, and each level is full of destructible assets. There are a number of diverse enemies that complement the environment. You face Civil War ghosts in the museum, and the infamous librarian at the New York Public library. There is also an early level where you take on the Marshmallow Man. Just about everything from the movies is either experienced or mentioned in the game.

Gameplay is the weakest part of Ghostbusters. The dodging mechanic is slow. Your teammates are consistently incapacitated, and require your assistance to continue fighting. Only two of the four weapons are useful, and the main character takes up most the screen. The vision impairment hinders your ability to fight multiple foes, which is always necessary because your AI teammates suck.

It's not all bad. The designers made a wonderful game that combines lazers, slime, and fishing. Ghost fights come in two flavors. One is the standard, “There coming right for us! SHOOT till there dead!” The other is classic Ghostbuster. You wear down the ghost with your proton beam. Once thier health is low you can capture them with your beam and slam them a round. To slam the ghost you move the analog stick back and forth like in a fishing game. Throw down a trap and guide the ghost to it's new home. Tada you just bagged your first ghost, and it was th--------is big.
Ghostbusters is a solid B movie—err I mean game. The story and voice acting is top notch, but the level design and gameplay are subpar. The friendly AI is terrible. I don't like the main characters mime act. Where is my smart ass comebacks to all the crappy orders I have to follow? Dodging is the only defensive maneuver and it sucks. Still the graphics are pretty, and if you pay attention to the dialogue you might even laugh. I also give the developers credit for making a fishing mechanic exciting. This is an excellent game to rent or borrow from a Ghostbusters fan boy. Snerts Snazzy Score is 3.8 out of 5.

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