Monday, March 17, 2008

Top 5 Most Wanted 2008

Last year produced some major hits in video game industry. Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero, Bioshock, Mass Effect and other extraordinary games filled up countless hours with some great times. They also happened to make a pretty penny. Number 1 in the last category being Activision who’s COD4 and Guitar Hero raked in record sales. Halo 3 also sold a shit-ton of copies—shit-ton is a legit measurement on this site. I shouldn’t, however, leave out hardware sales. Nintendo’s Wii and DS units were the top seller this past year. With recently released games like Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo fans will have plenty of fun in 2008. PS3 owners will someday have a reason to play games, but for now they have a kick ass Blue-Ray DVD player.

Personally I could care less about Nintendo and Sony due to my lack of funding. If I had some sort of support system—people giving me money for free—then I would be able to experience many of the games released for these systems. But seeing how I don’t have any lucrative supporters I’ll just give my Top 5 most anticipated games.

1. Ninja Gaiden II: What can I say? The original was probably the best action/adventure slasher game ever created. The sequel promises more weapons, everlasting blood stains, and improved gameplay. The difficulty will still ensue with numerous foes attempting to murder Ryu as he travels through some new awesome adventure. I can’t wait to take this game on.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Lets see. GTA IV…yeah enough said.

3. Fable 2: Fable was one of the best RPG’s for the Xbox. Morals, chicken kicking, and sex were just some of the interesting features this game offered. It was no where close to the excellent plot quality that is experienced with Bioware games, but Peter Molyneux provided a compelling experience that had surprisingly long replay value. The combat system had some issues, but was overall fun. The game could be exploited, but there were numerous moments that made you laugh, and the world was captivating. Fable 2 promises improvements on the faults and new options. Co-op, guns, and a unique interface system dependent on a pet dog. I personally have doubts on the effectiveness on some of these issues, but the game will draw me away from reality for at least a few weeks this year.

4. Ghostbusters: On the Commodor 64 there was a Ghostbusters game that made little sense to my eight year-old self. Still it was one of my favorite games. Capturing ghosts and driving around in the Ghostbuster car was always fun. The upcoming version seems to have impressive graphics and casting from the original motion pictures. Players take on the role of a new recruit, and I’m sure some interesting plot twists occurs that dictates a heroic act or two. This game may end up being a renter, but hopefully it will become a keeper.

5. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames: Sorry to my avid readers. This game is probably not worthy of a Top 5 anything, but I’m currently working on it as a QA. This means shameless promotion for the company that employs me. Merc’s 2 should be a fun game. There is mass destruction, forest fires, weapons, vehicles, and more. All the features of the previous game are present, and there are plenty of new twists. Even gamers who own a PS2 will be honored with a not so advanced version of the game. The action is solid and this game is worthy of a rental, or maybe pick it up after you are sick of GTA IV.One more Ninja Gaiden Shot:

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