Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rubber's Rules

Friends are a wonderful thing. They will share the good times with the bad and even point out your foibles. In my first blog I gave Tetris DS an outstanding score of 4.8 out of 5. The problem is I didn’t break down the score. What made this game a winner? How do the graphics, sound, and gameplay contribute? Is there anything unique that makes this game stand out from the rest?

To remedy the situation this blog will be dedicated to defining what goes into my final score. This will be broken down into two parts: previews and reviews. For the former, scores will be based on:

  • Overall media hype for the game. Does everyone and their mother know about this game?
  • My own anticipation for the upcoming title.
  • Who is developing the game? Some companies have impressive reputations that cannot be ignored.
  • Original or sequel? If the first game was good, than chances are, the sequel will also be a winner. This isn’t the movie industry, and Mario is the most profitable video game persona to date.
  • How does the demo feel? Do to my budget this may be a simple preview synapses from various video game websites?

Give one point for each bullet and that comes to 5—if my grade school math skills are still accurate. Be aware that decimals do exist, and will be used regularly. Reviews will be conducted in a similar fashion:

  • Visual presentation. How are the graphics? Does the overall look fit the desired atmosphere of the game?
  • Sound. Do I need to blast my ipod to avoid the awful noise coming out of this game?
  • Uniqueness. Is there anything that puts this game in a category of its own? What does it do different then the others?
  • Gameplay. Smooth like a babies behind, or as nasty as that sixty year old floozy down at the local strip bar.
  • What does the rest of the world think? Lord knows I’m not the only on with an opinion.

That raps up the basic breakdown for reviews and previews. Hopefully there will be a post to put these standards to the test in the near future.

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